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The tourism space race heats up as Russia enters

KosmoKurs has said it could launch its first commercial passenger craft by 2019 Richard Branson has stopped estimating when Virgin Galactic will go into orbit Elon Musk's
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Travellers reveal heartbreaking pictures of the moment their pets realise they?re going on holiday

TAKE ME WITH YOU! Cats and dogs hide in suitcases, cling to legs and give their best puppy eyes to deter their owners from leaving Is there

So where CAN you go on holiday? Safest holiday destinations to avoid terror REVEALED

The world has been rocked by a series of terror attacks recently. From the city of Paris to the beaches of Tunisia. Now, many British

Happy St David's Day! 8 outrageously stunning images of Wales that could be mistaken for Thailand, New Zealand or Bali

A series of remarkable photographs have captured the true beauty of Wales in celebration of Saint David's Day - and you'd be forgiven for thinking

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