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Mexico's San Juan Parangaricutiro church survived eight year volcanic eruption

The small village of San Juan Parangaricutiro in Mexico is completely buried under lava, save for its churchThis is due to the eight-year eruption of ...

Why a music-themed tour through Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland truly rocks

The Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder began their careers at Hitsville, DetroitVisit the Green Mill Jazz Café in Chicago - a favourite haunt of Al CaponeCleveland ...

British expat reunited with missing wallet 18 YEARS after it vanished on train

Colin Mendoza lost wallet while travelling from Zurich to Geneva in 1996It was found in a shopping centre in the town of Chur in October Local ...

Cyber terrorism may replace the hijacker and bomber and become the weapon of choice'

Reliance on computer systems mean threats have taken a different turnCommercial drones also a major worry in a crowded airspaceIntelligence garnered from drones could fall into the wrong ...

Cost of skiing holidays on the slide with cuts of as much as 23% compared to last year

Andorran resort of Soldeu is 23% cheaper this year compared to 2013Bansko in Bulgaria best option for families, and cheapest overallStrength of pound against Euro ...

Lake Garda retreat, Italy, comes out on top as luxury spas revealed

Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda, Italy, voted the best in Europe, UK and Mediterranean categoryPark House in South Downs, West Sussex is the ...

Soarigami: The end of armrest wars on planes?

Soarigami is a clip-on, origami-style divider that looks like a paper airplaneWill take away the need to fight for the armrest with the person next ...

Puppies rescued after they follow tourists onto Shiniuzhai Scenic Spot bridge

Dogs followed tourists onto the crossing at famous Shiniuzhai Scenic SpotAt 300m long and 180m high, it is one of the world’s highest footbridgesA 10m ...

Chinese town creates vegetable garden below Eiffel Tower replica

Tianducheng was built to resemble Paris with its own 354-foot Eiffel TowerThe town opened amid great fanfare in 2007 but is now a ghost townOvergrown ...

La Paz celebrates the opening of the highest urban cable car network in the world

System's third 'green line' went into service officially on December 4The 10km route will link the south side of La Paz with its twin city, ...

Eric Leifer and Tyler Gee venture to Kilauea volcano to capture images

Volcano enthusiasts Eric Leifer and Tyler Gee stood just feet away from flowing lava to snap these incredible photosThe erupting volcano is situated on Kilauea's ...

TripAdvisor reviewers who give even the world's top attractions one star

Even the most revered tourist destinations in the world aren't immune from scathing TripAdvisor reviewsThe Statue of Liberty is 'just a statue' and the Sydney ...

Flybe pilot arrested on suspicion of being 'drunk' before flight will not face criminal charges

Man, 48, was removed from aircraft just before it was scheduled to departFellow crew member became concerned and alerted policeFlight was cancelled and passengers were ...

Villas at world's largest eco-resort in Indonesia on sale

More than 500 homes have been sold at an average cost of £320,000Indonesian island is less than 10 miles from Singapore in Indian OceanSeventy per ...

Castles of King Edward I, Wales

In a land of castles, Harlech, Conwy, Caernarfon and Beaumaris stand out for their sheer scale and sophistication. Well preserved, atmospheric and enormous they represent ... Full story

Wookey Hole

Somerset is a land of mysteries renowned for its stone circles and monuments (including Stonehenge), crossing ley lines and Arthurian legends and of course, Wookey ... Full story

Dorset and East Devon Coast

The Dorset and East Devon Coast , also known as The Jurassic Coast was the first ever site to be inscribed as a 'natural' World ... Full story


The perfect mix of old and newSituated on the River Avon in the Heart of England, the most well known Stratford-upon-Avon attractions include the most ... Full story

Loch Ness

Loch Ness in the North of Scotland near Inverness is the largest freshwater lake in Great Britain. But it's not its size that makes it ... Full story


The gateway to Northern IrelandBelfast offers the buzz and vibrancy of a British capital city whilst being a gateway to the rural retreat of Northern ... Full story

Hadrian's Wall

This World Heritage Site consists of the border line of the Roman Empire when it was at its biggest in the 2nd century.It's part of ... Full story

The Eden Project

The Eden Project is one of the most exciting modern projects in the UK. The complex in Cornwall houses 100,000 plants in two giant transparent ... Full story

York Minster

Almost every British city has a stunning cathedral (bar 18), but York Minster is one of the most impressive.It is the largest Gothic cathedral in ... Full story

Tresco Abbey Gardens

The Sub-Tropical Tresco Abbey Gardens, found in the Scilly Isles, are regarded by botanists as one of the most interesting and varied botanical experiments in ... Full story

The Giant's Causeway

The Giant's Causeway is a World Heritage Site in Northern Ireland.The area is made up from about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns which were created after ... Full story


Portmeirion is a fanciful Italianate village situated on the North Wales Coast. Designed and constructed by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1975, the village ... Full story

Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere, in Cumbria is 2 miles long, one mile wide and 220 feet deep. It is the largest natural lake in England and is ... Full story

Chatsworth House

The UK is dotted with a huge amount of exceptional country houses and castles, but one of the most beautiful is Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, ... Full story

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of London's most recognisable landmarks and possible one of the most famous bridges in the world.Spanning the Thames, just next to ... Full story


Stonehenge is a prehistoric stone circle and is believed to have been constructed around 3100BC. No one knows exactly what purpose it served, but it ... Full story

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Theresa May sleeps for five or six hours each night: 'There's a lot of work to do'

Theresa May survives on just five or six hours of sleep – only a little more than Margaret Thatcher, whom she has been compared to ...

Cliff Richard to sue BBC over filming police raid on his Berkshire home, after sexual abuse claim

Sir Cliff Richard may sue the BBC over its coverage of the police raid on his home. The singer will seek damages for breach of privacy, ...

Crystal Palace vs Liverpool match report: Yannick Bolasie and Dwight Gayle shine as Reds haunted by Palace yet again

In the mud and rain in south London it will not have been just the defeat that caused Brendan Rodgers to retreat, brooding, into his ...

Lego letter from the 1970s still offers a powerful message to parents 40 years later

When it comes to promoting equality of the sexes, we tend to think that we’ve come a long way in the past 40 years. But a ...

Scots buy and spend more for Christmas gifts compared to 'stingy' Londoners

A new north-south divide is brewing in the run-up to the yuletide season after it was revealed people in Scotland are more generous with Christmas ...

Exclusive: UK approved £7m Israeli arms sales in six months before Gaza conflict

Britain approved the sale of arms to Israel worth £7m in the six months before its offensive on Gaza this summer, including components for drones, ...

Lewis Hamilton wins the F1 2014 Drivers' Championship: Hamilton takes Abu Dhabi Grand Prix victory to secure second title

Lewis Hamilton claimed a second Formula One world championship with victory at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Hamilton, who won his first title in 2008, took ...

Coventry smash leaves car split in two but driver and children escape unharmed

A man and two children escaped with their lives last night when their car split in two after a crash in Coventry. The vehicle careered off ...

Bill Cosby: More women accuse actor of sexual assault

Bill Cosby has been accused of sexual assault by four new women over the weekend. Kristina Ruehli alleges that the comedy actor tried to force her ...

Bill Cosby: More women accuse actor and comedian of sexual assault

Bill Cosby has been accused of sexual assault by four new women over the weekend. Kristina Ruehli alleges that the comedy actor tried to force her ...