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Charlotte Church Explains Why Being Outspoken Has Made Her A ‘Litmus Test For Bigotry’

When Charlotte Church linked the civil war in Syria to climate change in front of a BBC audience, she was torn apart. ‘Charlotte Church stuns TV
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Mum-of-two in 'best shape of her life' thanks to gruelling 5.30am workouts with kids

A busy mum-of-two has revealed she's in the best shape of her life thanks to 5.30am workouts with her kids. Despite approaching 40 and going through

Meet the bodybuilding mum-of-two who eats a staggering SEVEN meals every single day

Meet the female bodybuilder who eats a seven meals a day in preparation for her gruelling three hour training sessions. Kelly Hooper, 35, is a mum-of-two

£1,000 hairdo

So what's he going to do, weave gold into it?’ asks my 17-year-old daughter Molly. ‘Or diamonds?’ suggests my husband Matthew, hopefully. Our son, Robert,

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