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The baby girl saved by CLING FILM after she was born with her organs hanging out

The baby girl saved by CLING FILM after she was born with her organs hanging out

Millie Bartle, was still in the womb when diagnosed with gastroschisis

Defect of the abdominal wall causes intestines to develop outside the body

Once delivered by C-section was wrapped in cling film to hold her together

Has now had corrective surgery and recovered fully, eating a normal diet

A newborn baby girl had to be wrapped in cling film after her vital organs were born outside her body.

Millie Bartle, was still in the womb when she was diagnosed with gastroschisis - a birth defect of the abdominal wall where the intestines develop outside the body. 

Her terrified mother, Maria Dennison, 28, was told the condition was life-threatening and once born, Millie would need emergency surgery to try and correct it.

She was delivered by Caesarean section and was immediately wrapped in film to keep the bowel moist, before undergoing corrective surgery.

But her body struggled to contain the organ, causing her blood pressure to plummet. 

Doctors were forced to take her bowels back out before placing them into a medical sandwich bag which hung above her incubator.

Over the following week, they were slowly lowered back into her fragile body and after 56 days in intensive care she was finally allowed home.

Now approaching her first birthday Millie's organs have finally recovered and she can now eat without any digestive problems.

Miss Dennison, a receptionist, said: 'It was so weird seeing a clear sandwich bag, known as a silo bag, with her organs hanging above my little baby, it looked like something out of a gory horror movie, but it saved my daughter's life.

'I was heartbroken when her first operation failed, she could have died twice in the space of 24-hours.

'Her blood pressure was the problem, her fragile frame was struggling to cope with the extra organs all at once.

'That's why it was decided to take them back out and allow gravity to take its course and slowly pull them back into her body.'

Doctors gradually lowered more of her bowel back into her body each day. When Millie was a week old, there was still three inches of bowel outside of her body.

Miss Dennison found out Millie had gastroschisis at the 12-week ultrasound scan.

A midwife pointed to a mass outside of her body and explained that was her bowels.

She and partner Chris Bartle, 29, were offered an abortion but decided to continue with the pregnancy. 

'I was extremely worried throughout the pregnancy. I knew that while she was still inside of me she would be safe, but as soon as I gave birth she would have to be wheeled off for life-saving surgery.

'When she was born she looked like a perfect newborn baby but she had all of her bowels on the outside, she was then wrapped her up in cling film three or four times round.

'I had to warn her sister that it didn't look pretty in hospital because she was paralysed by the medication, there was a tube down her throat and the bag holding her intestines, however when she saw her she told me she was beautiful which melted my heart.

'It took 56 days of hospital treatment and multiple hospital trips because of problems with her digestion.

'But finally her bowels are working properly now and she can start being a normal baby.'  

Within 45 seconds of being born at Hull Royal Infirmary she was whisked away for her first emergency surgery before spending two months in hospital.

She continues to have problems digesting food and had to return to hospital on numerous occasions because she couldn't empty her bowel.

'Her body couldn't pass waste normally so she would vomit a dark green sick, it was horrific.

'Thankfully at last she can eat and digest food properly now that her body has gotten used to passing food.'

Millie, now 11 months, is fully recovered and her parents have praised the medical team at the Hull Royal Infirmary for saving their daughter's life. 

Miss Sanja Besarovic, 60, consultant paediatric surgery at Hull Royal Infirmary who fitted Millie's silo bag, said: 'Mille's abdomen had to be reopened by me due to deterioration and risk of losing the bowels.

'She had a silo bag inserted to release pressure on her bowels and main blood vessels in her abdomen.

'After a few days, when all bowels recovered and went back into the abdominal cavity by gravity, she was successfully re-closed and was managed at our neonatal unit for six weeks while her feeds were established.

'I am delighted to see that Millie has recovered very well and she is able to enjoy life as any other child of her age.

'None of this would be possible without great teamwork and tremendous support and understanding of her parents - I wish her all he best in the future.'

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The baby girl saved by CLING FILM after she was born with her organs hanging out
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