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Fat-shaming bodybuilder exposed for bullying fellow fitness fanatic targeted ANOTHER woman over her appearance in sickening rant

A BODYBUILDER who mocked a woman’s “belly” online also sent vile messages to another girl – telling her “U fat”.

Jowan Townsend-Trahair hit the headlines yesterday after Kayleigh Boase shared screenshots of the conversation she had with the gym-lover, who said it was a “shame” she was no longer “sexy”.

Kayleigh shared a screenshot of the conversation, with the young woman met with messages of support


Kayleigh shared a screenshot of the conversation after posting an image of her relaxing
Trainer Jowan Townsend-Trahair has been criticised for his comments to Kayleigh


Trainer Jowan Townsend-Trahair has been criticised for his comments

Now it has emerged that Kell Johnson, 22, was reportedly contacted by Townsend-Trahair on Facebook after she broke up with one of his friends.

Cornwall Live reported that he told Kell that her former flame said she looked like she was: “Hit by a car, reversed over, picked up and thrown off a cliff before being buried, dug back up and then shot in the face point blank with a shotgun.”

He added: “U fat”.

She said: “”He is a horrible man and I hardly even knew him. I was seeing one of his friends and then when I ended it he messaged me out of nowhere calling me everything under the sun and saying some really hurtful things.

Kayleigh shared the message, replying that she was happy with her body
Kayleigh shared the message adding she was happy with her body

“When I saw what happened to Kayleigh yesterday I couldn’t believe that he’d done it to someone else too.”

Kayleigh, from Cornwall, was determined not to take the criticism lying down, sharing the Snapchat conversation on her Facebook and writing: “Idiots like this is what causes people to have eating disorders.

“Only an insecure bloke would try to belittle a woman.

“So screw you, I’m happy that’s all that matters!”

Kayleigh encouraged others to be happy in their own body and not listen to criticism


Kayleigh encouraged others to be happy in their own body and not listen to criticism

The social media conversation between the pair started after the 24-year-old shared a photograph on Snapchat of her wearing tracksuit bottoms and a vest, writing: “Comfys on and chill.”

But her pic was met with a dry comment by Jowan, who wrote: “That belly” accompanied by solemn emoji faces.

Despite Kayleigh responding with a laughing face, Jowan appeared not to be joking, asking: “You still training?”


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Kayleigh replied she hadn’t been, adding “really neglect(ed) my core and cardio”.

The return message from Jowan stated: “You used to be so sexy. Shame Kayleigh.”

Kayleigh told The Sun Online: “(It) p****d me off like it would anyone, then thought actually who are you to judge. I’m happy, so screw you.

“(It) mainly annoyed me as my mum has battled with bulimia since she was a teenager due to an inconsiderate bloke telling her she was fat and she took it to heart.”

She said there were plenty of non-judgemental personal trainers out there, saying all that mattered was if a person was happy within themselves.

Kayleigh added: “Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

“Be strong and let it go over your head. No one deserves to have their weight or size commented on.”

Jowan wrote that Kayleigh used to be sexy


Jowan wrote that Kayleigh ‘used to be sexy’ in a Snapchat message

Since Kayleigh shared the message she has been inundated with support with friends writing: “Go girl!! I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Another added: “No one should judge anyone’s body, if the person is happy then leave them be.

“You have a good body. These people make me so mad. He’s also meant to be a person(al) trainer? How would anyone want to train with him when he’s judging people’s weight?

“I would never train with someone who does things like that. He’s would not be a good trainer if he’s telling people there fat your meant to help people not put them down.”

According to his Facebook profile, Jowan works at Body Ace Gym, but his ex-employer said he only ever worked as a receptionist and a cleaner.

The young woman said she was shocked to receive the message on Snapchat


The young woman said she was shocked to receive the message

Mr Townsend-Trahair, who, according to his Facebook profile works at Body Ace Gym responded to Sun Online’s request for comment saying “do you even lift bro”.

When Cornwall Live approached the man online for comment, he replied: “I love the attention. Crack-on brother”, with a muscleman emoji.

He added: “For the record I wasn’t ‘body-shaming’ anybody. I have already apologised to Kayleigh. This is funny af (as f***) but for now I’m busy bro’ so peace out.”

Leukaemia survivor who was fat shamed twice in a day hits back

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