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Do YOU know how asparagus grows

A Buzzfeed poll revealed that 59 per cent of people didn't know how it grew The green spears actually sprout straight from the ground individually  We've put
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Pancreatic cancer is set to be of the top cancer killers

By 2026, 11,279 people will die every year from the disease, a 28% rise from 2014 Only lung, bowel and prostate cancers will kill more, Pancreatic

Ignorant GPs deny patients drugs that ward off cancer

Two studies show many GPs unaware that certain pills can slash odds of tumours Half unaware they should prescribe tamoxifen to those at risk of breast cancer Majority did

Dementia patients 'get second class healthcare'

  Doctors said sufferers in their 90s or older were likely to be written off Dementias 2017 conference told patients and families often sidelined One consultant said there

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