Man’s bizarre medical condition means he’s in love with his CAR and even has sex with motor he calls Goldie

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Man’s bizarre medical condition means he’s in love with his CAR and even has sex with motor he calls Goldie

There is no one in the world Darius Monty loves more than Goldie.

With her perfect curves and flawless body, she’s a beauty. And the pub boss’s sex life with the hot model less than half his age is better than with any previous girlfriends.

But shockingly the object of his full-on passion is a CAR.

While many men claim to love their motors, Darius is IN love with his gold-coloured X-Type Jaguar – and makes love to “her”.

The 35-year-old bachelor suffers from a bizarre sexual condition called mechanophilia.

The rare disorder makes victims fall in love with inanimate objects and feel strong physical attraction towards them.

Darius said: “I don’t expect people to understand because it’s not something I fully understand myself.

“I didn’t choose this but I have fallen for a car, just like other people fall for women.

The 35-year-old bachelor suffers from a bizarre sexual condition called mechanophilia
(Image: Stan Kujawa)

“I find her arousing, I love spending time with her and she is very important to me. I don’t see her as an object, I look at her and I see my lover.”

Darius fell in love with his Jaguar after buying the executive saloon two years ago.

His second-hand limo, which was built at Halewood, Liverpool, in 2004, has ­startled Darius with the feelings it has aroused.

He said: “Before I bought Goldie I was in a normal loving relationship with a woman.

“I didn’t see anything strange about myself or my sexuality at all.

“I’ve always been a car lover, but if someone told me it was possible to have sexual feelings towards something that’s not human I’d have laughed them off just like people laugh at me now.

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“I can’t really explain what triggered it, but I went to view Goldie and had always wanted an X-Type Jaguar.

“Her colour is so unique and after I’d handed over the cash, all I wanted to do was go and polish her.

Darius has always been a car-lover but it was only after buying Goldie that he realised his sexual feelings
(Image: Stan Kujawa)

“I pulled into the jet wash and was ­making circular motions on her bonnet with a cleaning cloth when I suddenly felt unexpectedly aroused.

“It was something about the smooth, shiny paintwork and the perfect curves of the car that got me turned on.

“I tried to ignore the feeling and just put it down to excitement about having a new car.

“But when I got home and sat down to watch TV I had a real urge to venture into the garage and visit her in private.

“I had a girlfriend at the time and I didn’t dare tell her what was going through my mind so I used the excuse that I’d left my wallet in the car and headed out.

“I wasn’t exactly sure what would ­happen as the feelings were all new to me. I just knew I felt really turned on by the notion of having sexual intercourse with my new car.

He says he ended up enjoying sex with his car more than his girlfriend
(Image: Stan Kujawa)

“Immediately afterwards I felt ashamed and guilty, but I knew right then it wouldn’t be the last time. I walked away feeling so confused about what I’d just done.”

Baffled by his actions and feelings, Darius, of Staines, Surrey, decided to research the internet.

He says: “As disturbing as it was, I told myself I couldn’t be the only person in the world who had experienced these kinds of feelings.

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“I discovered there is a condition called mechanophilia. Knowing others had ­feelings towards cars, bikes or planes definitely put me at ease but it was a really difficult thing for me to accept.”

Yet Darius could not fight the urge to live out his sexual fantasies with the car.

His passion for Goldie soon became a daily ritual after he returned from his night shift at the pub.

Darius’ girlfriend left him when he told her about his mechanophilia
(Image: Stan Kujawa)

And eventually he realised he could no longer it hide from his loved ones.

He said: “I was enjoying having sex with my car more than with my girlfriend.

“I even missed the car when I went up to bed at night and felt bad for leaving her alone in the garage.

“When I broke the news to my girlfriend she left me right away.

“I could understand her thinking my behaviour was odd, but deep down there was a sense of relief there for me in knowing that I had got things out in the open and I was free to pursue my relationship with Goldie.

“I decided to disclose my ­feelings to a couple of my close friends too. They laughed at first thinking I was joking, but once they realised I was being serious they told me I was weird and that I need to get psychological help.

Friends told Darius his relationship with Goldie was ‘weird’ and advised him to get psychological help
(Image: Stan Kujawa)

“It really upset me knowing I didn’t have any kind of support or ­understanding from other people.”

Darius resisted professional help ­because he thought his liaisons with his motor would become less exciting with time. But he said: “My feelings for her just grew stronger and stronger.”

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Despite the negative reaction from his mates, Darius refused to give up on Goldie.

He said: “I wasn’t going to let other people convince me I had a medical ­problem just because I have a different sexuality. I genuinely do love Goldie and I enjoy our private time together.

“I have never had loving or sexual feelings for any other vehicle, and I firmly believe I have something special with Goldie.

“I realise most people will think what I do is wrong in some way, but I’m not hurting anyone so what’s the harm?”

Bizarrely, Darius says his relationship with Goldie has gone from strength to strength. He has even retired her from life on the road to keep her in pristine condition.

He says the next woman he dates will have to ‘share’ him with Goldie
(Image: Stan Kujawa)

He said: “She doesn’t cheat on me or moan about me not doing the washing up. She doesn’t have the ability to be in a bad mood.

“I haven’t lost sight of the fact Goldie is a machine and probably doesn’t love me back – I am not delusional in the sense I’d think she has her own mind.”

Astonishingly, Darius would still like to find a human girlfriend.

He said: “I’ve met a few women since falling in love with Goldie and I am always completely open about her from the start.

“A couple of them have been open to giving things a go, but when I take my trips out to the garage to see her they say they just find it all too weird.

“I’d love to get married and have a family if I’m honest.

“But the next woman I date will have to be OK about sharing me with Goldie.”

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