Health chiefs warn ill and old 'don't go out' with Arctic blast to bring four inches of snow and -5C temperatures

Vulnerable people in Britain were today warned by health chiefs to stay indoors as temperatures drop to -5C and four inches of snow arrives.A cold .....

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Man faces jail for kissing and groping blind woman who thought she was slow dancing with someone ELSE

A man who kissed and groped a blind woman who thought he was someone else in a nightclub has been told he faces jail.Stephen Hayes,


'ISIS' gunmen kill at least eight including five foreigners, blow up a car and take hostages at luxury hotel in Tripoli

At least eight people, including five foreigners, were killed during an attack by gunmen against a luxury hotel in the Libyan capital of Tripoli on


Why on earth does the taxpayer foot the bill for multi-millionaire Katie Price to send her disabled son to school by taxi?

Multi-millionaire Katie Price is using taxpayer's money for the care of her disabled son, it has emerged.The successful model, who is also a best-selling author,


Alice Gross' killer used bricks tied to a bike wheel to weigh down murdered teenager's body after dumping it in river

Police have today revealed the damning evidence which would have been used to prosecute Latvian killer Arnis Zalkalns for the murder of schoolgirl Alice Gross.The


Russian oligarch Berezovsky died penniless with debts worth £300m including £46m owed to the British taxman

Boris Berezovsky, once known as Russia's second richest man, died penniless and in debt, including owing the taxman £46million.The former tycoon, an outspoken critic of


Teenager, 14, who was ordered by school to ditch his dyed red hair is expelled after he posts headteacher's Facebook picture

A schoolboy who was told off for dying his hair red tried to take revenge by posting a picture of his headteacher online - and


Voters warned they are playing 'Russian Roulette' as support for anti-cuts parties surges across EU in wake of Far Left's victory

Victory by radical left party Syriza in Greece's election today blew wind in the sails of other anti-austerity movements across Europe, sparking fears of renewed


Professional diver finds missing student's body within minutes of beginning river search after driving 170 miles to help

The body of a missing student has been discovered in the River Wear by a diver who had driven hundreds of miles to help return


Beaver Scouts rocked by love triangle scandal after 'whisky-infused' father posts online message revealing 'affair'

A Beaver Scout group has been hit by allegations of an affair between its married leader and one of the women who volunteers there after


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Revenge porn victim tells how her thug ex humiliated her online

A woman whose boyfriend took revenge on her when she dumped him by posting an intimate video and image of her in her underwear online...

Johns Hopkins freshman Jeremy Huber found dead in dorm

A top college lacrosse player has been found dead in his dorm room at Johns Hopkins University, police have said. The body of Jeremy Huber, 18,...

Ben Burchfield offers himself up on eBay as live-in maid-for-a-month

A keen young job seeker who has failed to find full time work despite sending off 50 job applications has offered himself up on eBay...

'Greece's coalition won't survive as parties can't agree on policies', analysts say

An 'unnatural' coalition government formed on Monday between anti-austerity party Syriza and nationalist Independent Greeks could prove short-lived, analysts said. Syriza are the first anti-austerity party...
Dr Richard Smith 'started affair with patient after seeing her undress'

Dr Richard Smith 'started affair with patient after seeing her undress'

Dr Richard Smith was a renal medicine consultant at Southmead HospitalPatient A, a female kidney transplant patient, was under his care from 2008But when he saw...

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£1,000 hairdo

So what's he going to do, weave gold into it?’ asks my 17-year-old daughter Molly. ‘Or diamonds?’ suggests my husband Matthew, hopefully. Our son, Robert, ... Full story


Steps To Become More Positive

Our attitude has a profound effect on the quality of our life. Optimism and pessimism create two completely different realities. By taking a few simple ... Full story

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Watch live coverage of commemoration to mark 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz

Several hundred Holocaust survivors have returned to Auschwitz in southern Poland to mark 70 years since the liberation of the notorious Nazi concentration camp. On Holocaust ...

Centre Point: Almacantar begins converting London's concrete tower into luxury apartments for the super-rich

Towering over Oxford Street, almost directly above Tottenham Court Road Tube station is a 398-ft, 33-storey concrete building that dates from the Sixties – but ...

Presidential optical illusion offers clues to how brain processes faces

An optical illusion that appears after looking at pictures of Bill Clinton and George Bush offers important clues to how the brain and eyes see ...

Ukip Jelly Babies cause uproar on Amazon

A simple tin of jelly babies has caused upset on Amazon, with horrified readers taking to the comments section to express their views. At £5.50 for ...

Liberal Democrat minister defends comments suggesting immigration causes pub closures

A Liberal Democrat minister has accused political rivals of “manufacturing a race row” over comments where he suggested an influx of Somali immigrants were causing ...

Heathrow loses busiest international airport crown to Dubai

For decades, Britain’s busiest airport has had more international passengers than any other in the world. But in 2014, Heathrow surrendered that title to Dubai. ...

UK Weather: Sub-zero temperatures set to bring snow showers across the country

Forecasters are warning the UK to brace itself, as sub-zero temperatures are set to usher in frost and inches-thick snow in some parts. A cold ...

Watch: Two cops shot at Minnesota city council meeting

An unidentified assailant opened fire on two police officers on Monday during a city council meeting in New Hope, Minnesota, moments after the two officers ...

Stone Roses singer Ian Brown 'taught to masturbate' by TV weatherman Fred Talbot, court hears

The Stone Roses singer Ian Brown has given evidence in court to describe how he was taught to masturbate by the TV weatherman Fred Talbot, ...

Luton Airport passenger terminal evacuated after fire alarm set off by broken light

Thousands of passengers were evacuated from London Luton Airport this afternoon after a faulty light fitting set off an automatic fire alarm. Travellers were herded out ...