2,000 Tesco workers told their jobs are at risk as 43 stores face closure

Thousands of Tesco workers have been told their jobs are at risk as the troubled supermarket chain announced the names of 43 stores facing closure.  .....

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Environmental activist has been told she is likely to be jailed for setting 3 nail traps outside the Bristol police station that punctured the tyres of response cars

An environmental activist that used nail filled pieces of plywood to put three police cars responding to emergency calls out of action, is likely to


12-year-old girl jumps to her death from 14th-floor apartment in Russia after her parents discover she had been watching porn

A 12 year-old Russian girl in St. Petersburg killed herself Wednesday, jumping from her block of flats after her parents discovered she'd been watching online


The most photographed houses in Britain are photobombed by a yellow car

Each year, thousands of tourists flock to the Cotswold's village of Bibury to photograph the picturesque cottages on Arlington Row.But many have been left disappointed


Husband who was supported by millionaire wife while he failed as an artist wants more than £50,000-a-year from her after split

A husband who was supported by his millionaire wife for years whilst he struggled to make it as an artist is battling against a divorce


Have sex on the first date, pay for dinner and call him: How ANY woman can bag the man of her dreams in just 60 days

An author has claimed he can help any woman land the man of her dreams in just 60 days thanks to his dating techniques.Blake Lavak,


Ched Evans has submitted 'fresh evidence' that was 'previously unavailable' as part of appeal against his rape conviction

Rapist footballer Ched Evans claimed today he has new evidence he believes will help him overturn his conviction.The disgraced striker, 26, maintains he is 'innocent'


Could you feed yourself on just ONE POUND a day?

When lawyer Alice Biggar made her new year's resolutions, it wasn't to give up alcohol or go to the gym more. Instead the 26-year-old took


Companies House to pay £8.8m damages after engineering firm with 250 workers closed down when government pen-pusher added an extra 's' to document

The taxpayer faces a bill of millions of pounds after a civil servant's elementary spelling mistake led to the collapse of a business employing 250


Health chiefs warn ill and old 'don't go out' with Arctic blast to bring four inches of snow and -5C temperatures

Vulnerable people in Britain were today warned by health chiefs to stay indoors as temperatures drop to -5C and four inches of snow arrives.A cold


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Playboy model Loredana Chivu on moment she discovered her father's body

A Playboy model has told how her father killed himself after she posed for the Romanian edition of the magazine as an 18-year-old. Loredana Chivu said...

Buddhist monk in LOTUS POSITION remains discovered in Mongolia

The amazing mummified remains of a man apparently meditating in the lotus position have been unearthed in Mongolia. A forensic examination is underway on the human...

Boko Haram release images of their child soldiers being trained in Nigeria

Nigerian terror group Boko Haram is training child soldiers how to use semi-automatic weapons. The group has released pictures showing more than a dozen children posing...

Avoid preaching 'moral claptrap' says Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury says vicars should avoid preaching 'moral claptrap' about being nice in their sermons adding Christianity's message is as radical as a...

Angry Dad revealed as father of two sons whose reactions to their pranks have gone viral

The man who has gained internet notoriety as Angry Dad thanks to his two trouble-making sons, has spoken out about his reluctant rise to fame. Videos...

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£1,000 hairdo

So what's he going to do, weave gold into it?’ asks my 17-year-old daughter Molly. ‘Or diamonds?’ suggests my husband Matthew, hopefully. Our son, Robert, ... Full story


Steps To Become More Positive

Our attitude has a profound effect on the quality of our life. Optimism and pessimism create two completely different realities. By taking a few simple ... Full story

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Gary Glitter breaks down crying in court and blames child abuse images on being 'in a very bad place in my life'

The former glamrock star Gary Glitter broke down in tears in court today as he tried to explain why he was found with a stash ...

Drone maker will stop smugglers and accidents by stopping them flying over national borders and Washington

Drone maker DJI is to release an update for its drone that will stop them from being flown in Washington, across national borders or near ...

Devon beavers can stay living in the wild, Natural England rules

England’s first population of wild beavers for 500 years has been saved from a future in captivity, thanks to a landmark decision by the government’s ...

9 reasons Greece's experiment with the radical left is doomed to failure

Greece’s new cabinet faces the biggest task of any Greek government since democracy returned in 1974; how to save the nation. A frustrated, fatigued and ...

Alibaba attacked by Chinese government over its 'credibility crisis'

The Chinese government has published a highly critical report on Alibaba, which it admitted it had withheld until now because of the internet giant’s multi-billion ...

What do you ink? Dame Judi Dench plans tattoo to mark her 80th birthday

Dame Judi Dench would like to mark her birthday by getting a tattoo. But the Oscar-winning actress - who turned 80 last month - is ...

Amal Clooney gives excellent answer to fashion question at European Court of Human Rights

Amal Clooney, the renowned human rights lawyer, gave an excellent response to a journalist who asked her speculation surrounding her fashion choices as she appeared ...

Ikea profits remain flat as staff benefit from rising revenues

Ikea's profits remained flat last year despite rising sales – because the Swedish retailer contributed a vast sum to an employee loyalty programme. The world’s biggest ...

From a political economics professor to the Marxist head of Syriza's far-left: Greek PM Alexis Tsipras unveils the members of his new cabinet

From an outspoken bailout critic to the Marxist head of Syriza's left-wing hardliners, Alexis Tsipras has wasted little time signalling his government's intentions after naming ...

Outspoken, Marxist and anti-austerity: Greek PM Alexis Tsipras unveils the members of his new cabinet

From an outspoken bailout critic to the Marxist head of Syriza's left-wing hardliners, Alexis Tsipras has wasted little time signalling his government's intentions after naming ...